Toilet Totalizer

Toilet totalizer

What are we buying?

We are going to build a toilet at the church - and we need to raise £7,000 to do it. 

We will be building an "eco-toilet" - a composting toilet that does not require a sewerage connection (which would have cost far more). It will go in a small purpose built wooden building outside the church.  


Work starts in July 2018! We have a faculty (permission) and everything is in place....except the funding.


It's going to cost about £7,000 to build. Last update on 13th June: £3,594 (51%)

How can I donate?

The fastest, easiest way is to use the just-giving campaign page. Or, you can send money to Gill Jones (treasurer) - cheques payable to "Elvington Parochial church council". Please also use a gift-aid form (we reclaim the tax so your donation is worth 25% more) - speak to Gill (608287) for a form or collect a gift-aid envelope from the church. 


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What and Why is Elvington Church?

Elvington Holy Trinity church is the parish church of the lovely village of Elvington, near York. As a village church, we work hard to serve Elvington in so many ways.

Our Vision

Holy Trinity Church shares the love of God in Elvington by loving and serving God, our village and the wider world.

Our Mission

Elvington Church shares God’s love in our local community by being central in the life of the village, serving the community at all times, good and bad, caring and praying and being a family where everyone can come together. In our worship and personal discipleship we feed on God’s love so we can show his love in our neighbourhood and the wider world. Nurturing our relationship with him, we encourage others to enter that relationship.

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