Elvington Church is a wonderful venue for your wedding. The traditional church building with stained glass windows, bells and pews, set in a large churchyard offers an airy and friendly space to tie the knot.

What next?

Why start your marriage in Elvington Church?

The building

Set in a large churchyard, away from traffic, the building is beautiful inside and out. You are welcome to decorate it with flowers, to bring a personal touch to the church.

The church can seat about 150 people, perhaps a few more if necessary.

The service

You'll find the Christian service relaxed, friendly and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. We will go through the service with you beforehand, choosing readings, hymns and so on. The wedding service usually lasts about 40 to 50 minutes, depending on what else goes in.

Children are especially welcome and with a space at the back to entertain them if they really cannot cope with sitting still!

Our organist is an experienced musician, who is always happy to discuss your requirements. The church has a lovely acoustic for both singing and instrumental music.

Odd traditions - Tying the Gate

There is a funny tradition at Elvington, while the bride and groom are tying the knot, it's been known for children to tie gates closed; no one can leave until the groom throws a handful of small change to the children who then untie the gate. A little bit of fun still!

The cost

A wedding will cost somewhere between £486 (the statutory fee) and £626 which includes bells, organ, verger and heating (in winter).

Miscellaneous Logistics

Your wedding car, horse drawn carriage, tractor/trailer or other mode of transport can stop on the street just outside the door. For guests, there is on-street parking near the church, or on the main street nearby. If there are a large number of guests, it might be an idea to arrange a coach to transport guests onwards.

Toilet and baby change facilities are available in the small eco-toilet in the churchyard or there are other options in the village hall just nearby.

There are plenty of places to take photos in the church and churchyard. Depending on the time of year, there could be flowers, a wildflower meadow and grass.

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